These sites are put together by individuals, typically falconers from around the world. The content in these sites can be quite varied with many of the sites having having general information about falconry as well as graphic images of falconry birds.

These personal sites are listed in alphabetical order and accompany a brief description summarizing the sites' overall theme and/or highlights. If you would like to add a site to this list, click on "Add-A-Site" in the left hand banner of this page.

All about modern falconry birds and equipment -Tells about the Gyr/Peregrine hybrid, Gos hawk, Harris Hawk, and Red-tailed Hawk. Also tells about falconry equipment 

American Falconry - The homepage of the "American Falconry" magazine.

Apprentice Falconry - Information for the aspiring falconer. Everything you could need know to get started. If its not on the site, contact me and I can and will help you! Site is updated daily.

Aspenholm Falconry - Falconry in Aspenholm

Borch's Falkoneri. - Falconry in Denmark.

Carolina Hawks - Personal pages about becoming a falconer, history, equipment and more. Geared for the pre-apprentice.

Charlie Kaiser's Raptor Gallery -  A gallery of raptor photography and falconry stories.

CJ's Birds of Prey -  Flying Displays at Game Fairs, Country Fairs etc. in the UK with Charlotte Hill

Czech Falconry Pages

David Martin Falconry Art Gallery - Original paintings, drawings and engravings about falconry.

Doug's Falconry Homepage - A North American falconry site w/ a Virtual Sponsorship Project section.

Eagle Falconry

Falconer in Denmark - Information for new falconers regarding legislation and the falconry birds allowed in Denmark. - A site for active falconers with a Vets Corner, Working Dogs, and 
other interesting sections. Also home to the Welsh Hawking Club. A FREE mart page 
for falconers to sell their unwanted falconry items, birds or dogs in the UK.

Falconry - Brief falconry history.

Falconry (Basic info. / books) - Falconry information and contacts. (Swedish)

Falconry Azerbaijan - We provide Falconry in Azerbaijan

Falconry in Estonia - Falconry in Estonia ( + Russia and Ukraine ).

Falconry in Georgia - Falconry in Guria region.

Falconry in Kazakhstan - falconry from the heart of Eurasia

Falconry in Spain - Hunting in Spain

Falconry of Ireland - small hands-on centre with a variety of birds, catering for a variety of activities by booking only, situated in Co. Wicklow. Ireland. 

Falcon's Block - General falconry page with links and information. 
Book reviews - Falconry books reviewed with links to where you can find the books. - a site about German falconry with a catalogue of falconry books and 
a falconry magazine

Flight Of The Raptor - Renowned Master Falconer Ray Pena and his daughter Jennifer Pena entertain thousands every year with their exciting and educational Flight Of The Raptor programs. - for a better understanding of falconry, protection of all kind of birds of prey, gallery, Veterinary-contact, etc......"greifvogel" is the German word for bird of prey - My falconry page, in Spanish, lots of articles and some info on the Monterrey Falconry Club. Mostly deals with falconry in Mexico

Harrie Knol's Falconry Home Page Falconry in the Netherlands.

Hawk House Art - raptor and falconry art by artist Jeff Alkire.

HawkWorks - A complete range of Falconry Kits, Furniture and Telemetry systems plus a comprehensive beginner’s & bird guide, based on the birds and quarry species available in the UK.

Highland Hawking Holidays - Offering falconry holidays in Scotland, Brora, Sutherland, and the U.K.

Italian Falconry Portal - Falconry in Italy, many videos, many articles translated by google in English. Lost and found raptor in Italy.

Iowa Falconer's Falconry Journal

Jim Poffs Falconry Page - Site contains links to actual hawking footage.

John's Falconry Apprenticeship Website - My site is basically just a journal of progress as I work towards becoming an apprentice falconer. 

John's Falconry Website - John's falconry website...dedicated to Southern States Hawking and Falconry.

Les Rapaces - PassionnÚs par les rapaces, nous en avons fait notre vie!
La chasse, le spectacle, la reproduction nous pratiquons au quotidien!

Mark Harrison's Falconry in Britain - Here you will find information on Falconry in Britain , pictures 
of Birds of Prey and other Falconry related links for books and equipment.

Mark Upton Artist & Falconer - Website containing Mark Upton's Paintings and brief description of his hawking.

Minnesota Falconry Hunts - A site providing falconry hunts to the public.

Raptor Repertoire - email list server that brings together falconers, raptor rehabilitators, banders, and
researchers to share information and their love of raptors.

Robinette Sculpture - Featuring the Fine Art of Award Winning Wildlife Sculptor Kurt Robinette. Specializing in Birds of Prey.

Roger Crandall's Falconry Homepage - A good collection of falconry related links

The Modern Apprentice - Extensive information on falconry, raptor care, and apprenticeships in general. Information on raptor first aid, various equipment designs and design issues, hawk box instructions, and more

Ye Old Surry Hawkers- UK -

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