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A - Falconry in Spain, everything to know regarding the art of falconry in Spain, artisans, breeders, hawkers, hunt limits, legislation, etc.

Admiral site of the Welsh Hawking Club - A site to promote and inform on the activities of the Welsh Hawking Club. Contributions are welcome from all falconers in the form of pictures or articles.

Arkansas Hawking Association - The place for falconry info for Arkansas.

Arab Falconers - a falconry club

Arizona Falconers' Association - Information on becoming a falconer in Arizona, dates and locations of upcoming meets, email addresses for officers, pictures, links, etc.

Arizona Hawking Club - The Arizona Hawking Club web site. A network for all falconers and people interested in becoming a falconer in Arizona.

Associazione Falconeria Marchigiana - An Italian Association of Falconry. We are in the middle of Italy in to the same region where born Federico II, one of the most important falconers of all the Times, that wrote " De arte venandi cum avibus ".

Association Québécoise des Fauconniers et Autoursiers

Aztec Falconry - Falconry organization and information from Guadalajara Mexico

BaywingDB -- Harris' hawk pedigree database - The purpose of the Baywing Database (BaywingDB) is to collect, store, analyze, and distribute information on Harris' hawks (Parabuteo unicinctus) used for falconry.

British Columbia Falconry Association

British Falconers' Club - The world's oldest, largest and the UK's top falconry club.

British Hawking Association - The official site of the British Hawking Association.

Campaign for Falconry Fundraising - This site has been created specifically for the selling of these 2 marvellous R. David Digby originals. Ron has agreed to make a substantial donation to the campaign should the campaign sell these paintings for him.

Central Falconry & Raptor Club - UK club web site with news of events, gallery of pictures from members, etc.

Cetereo - A web site from México City.

Cetreros del Valle de México A.C. - Uno de los grupos de trabajo en cetrería con mayor trayectoria en el continente americano. -El portal de cetreria de habla hispana. Articulos, entrevistas, fotografias, videos, concursos, foros, ...

Cheshire Hawking Club - The Cheshire Hawking Club has over many years become an established club with an ever increasing membership.

Countryside Alliance - The Countryside Alliance champions the countryside, country sports and
the rural way of life in the UK, including falconry

Country Sports & Country Life - Ireland's portal to the world of field sports including falconry. Published in association with a quarterly magazine of the same name.

Czech Falconers Club - The home page of the Czech FalconersClub

Dartmoor Hawking School of Falconry - one of the premier falconry establishments in the south of england ensuring in-depth tuition for the student with emphasis on the welfare of the birds. Hunting days, and falconry experience days also

Delaware Falconry Heritage Association - Falconry in Delaware

Dutch Flying Hawk Team - All about the Dutch Flying Hawk Team and more.

El Arte de la Cetrería - Mexican Falconry web group, Designed for spanish-speaking falconers. It´s the perfect group to create your own photo album, share information, documents messages and everything related to falconry.

Exotic India - Exotic India offers fantastic water color miniature paintings of Falcons. The art represented is the ancient Indian art of miniature paintings, and includes a few hunting scenes of Mughal Indian rulers.

Falcon Doctors - This group would support all falconers who are interested in sharing their ideas, experience, general behavior and attitude of a falcon.

Falconeria e Medioevo

Falconers De Les Comarques de Barcelona - Página de la sociedad deportiva de cetreria de Falconers de les Comarques de Barcelona

A Falconry Experience on the Falconers Web - A place to find the falconry course or raptor experience in South Devon UK. Falcons, hawks, eagles and owls for your pleasure including hunting.

Falkirk Falconry - Falkirk Falconry is a Bird of Prey centre found in the Blair Drummond Safari Park Scotland.

Falkner - Forum - Germany - Free Falconry of Germany (In German)

Florida Hawking Fraternity - To inform Falconers of a falconry club in florida and the regulations.

Georgia Falconry Association - Information about the sport of falconry in the State of Georgia.

Harris Club Audois (HCA) - The falconers of Harris Club Audois present to you their activities in company of birds of prey drawn up according to traditional principles come from the Middle Ages: flights discovered of Aude, medieval demonstrations, streets animations, educational program, startling of vermin, initiation to the flight hunting, breeding, etc.

Hawk Board - The only government recognized, representative body for all falconers and bird of prey keepers in the UK. Fully supported by the principal falconry clubs in the UK, Hawk Board lobbies to protect falconry and raise awareness through education.

Himalayan Frontiers - For the first time ever Parahawking adventures for Pilots and non pilots are available exclusively through Himalayan Frontiers.

Hungarian Falconers Club

IAF - International Association for Falconry and Conservation of birds of prey

Ireland's School of Falconry - School of Falconry in Ireland offering the chance to fly hawks in the grounds of Ashford Castle during Falconry Lessons and Hawk Walks

International Falconer Magazine - A top-quality, professionally-produced magazine covering the sport of falconry across the world. Established in over 40 countries.

Irish Hawking Club - Promoting the practise and protection of falconry in Ireland. The club covers members in both North and South.

Italian Falconry Web Portal - Falconry in Italy, Falconry equipment, links, photos, etc.

Hancock Wildlife Research Center Bookstore - Newest source online to buy Publications and Art Prints  on Birds of Prey, Falconry, Raptor Research, Peregrines, and Falconry. At this site you can get books about aviculture, falconry, falconry species, falconry biology, falconry zoology,  falconry publishing, falconry reading, falconry authors, falconry library, birds of prey, raptors, hawks, eagles, buteos, ratites, peregrines, peregrine information, peregrine research, raptor information, buteo information, and falconry.

Highland Hawking Holidays - Hawking in the Sutherland Highlands of Scotland.

Independent Bird Register - The Independent Bird Register was set up in 1994 to reunite lost, found and stolen hawks, falcons and owls.

Iowa Falconer's Association - Iowa Falconers Association Homepage

Kestrelfans - This club is for all Kestrel fans

Lanner Falcon Club - This club was founded to discuss about the often misunderstood abilities of lanner falcons in falconry.

Maryland Falconers Association - Maryland Falconers Association web site.  Stories, links, book reviews, information.

New Jersey Falconry Club

Nevada Falconry Apprentice Program - Useful information to get a falconry license in 
Nevada. Help locating suitable sponsors.

North Carolina Falconer's Guild - The web site of the state club of North Carolina. History, newsletters, events and more along with online applications for membership.

Northamptonshire Raptor Club - Newley formed in early 2006, this club is the only one in the county of Northants. Born as a voice to be heard for falconry in Northamptonshire.

Ohio Falconry Association - Information on the practice of falconry in Ohio.  Overviews of falconry birds, regulations, history, training, and other resources.

Online Falconry - web site of the Great Lakes Falconer's Association

Online Falconry Club Directory - A list of UK falconry Clubs for Falconers and New falconers to have access to.

Oregon Falconers Association - The home page of the Oregon Falconers Association, with membership information and news.

Puerto Rico Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Center - We are a non profit organization dedicated to
 the recovery of sick or wounded raptors. We use falconry along with the help of volunteer 
veterinarians to rehabilitate the birds

Raptor Lifeline UK - this site is an organization in the UK providing a service to falconers 
who have lost, found or had a bird of prey stolen.

Russian Falconry Association

Scottish Hawking Club -

Southeastern Raptor Rehabilitation Center - Rehabilitation, Education, Research of birds of prey. 
The SERRC was established in 1972 and today services a 5 State region. The SERRC also 
seeks to advance the Falconry mission and has a close relationship with many falconers.

Southwestern Falconers Association - SWFA is comprised of falconers from AZ, NM, and Texas. In time we hope to involve more SW states. We are dedicated to the enhancement of falconry and the preservation and conservation of raptors, the habitat, and the game species that they need to survive. If it involves raptors it involves SWFA. SWFA also has a fun kids page with a slide show and "quiz". Heck some adults may wish to go have a little fun.

Ssociazione Italiana per la Falconeria - This is the Italian Association for Falconry official site.

Schweizerische Falknervereinigung - This is the Swiss Association for Falconry official site.

Svenska Falkenerarförbundet (Swedish Falconry Association) The Swedish Falconry Association is the official falconry portal in Sweden, acting as an informative body to our registered members and to the general public in Sweden.

Texas Hawking Association - Encourage and promote the wise conservation of raptors and assure that those participating in falconry conduct themselves legally and in accordance with traditionally high ethical standards of the art.

The British Falconers Club

The California Hawking Club

The Falconer's Magazine - The Falconers' Magazine of the UK, published by falconers for falconers worldwide.

The Hawking Centre - The Hawking Centre, a bird of prey education and conservation centre at Farming World, near Faversham in Kent.  Over 45 different birds of prey live and breed at the centre, where the long-term plan is to breed a wide range of indigenous and endangered species, with a view to increasing the programme of releasing birds back into the wild.

The Mississippi Falconers Association

The North American Falconers Association (NAFA)

The North Carolina Falconer's Guild Homepage

The Old Hawking Club

The Raptors Nest

The Red Eagle's Nest

The South East Falconry Group - A Development Site for UK falconry club

Virginia Falconers  Association - Falconry in Virginia

Washington Falconers Association - Site for WFA information, lost hawk list, search of all falconry web sites, and other WFA news.

Wingspan Birds of Prey Trust

Wyoming Falconers' Association

Yarak - Club di falconeria . Italia - Italian falconry club.

Federal and State Falconry Regulations

U.S Fish and Wildlife Service / Dept. of the Interior - Federal Regulations -  50 CFR Part 23







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