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A1 Falconry UK Telemetry Systems - Telemetry systems from the UK.

Affordable Dutch Hoods

Aluminum Block Perches

Alpha Falcon Blocks -  Elegant and practical falcon blocks hand crafted in marble and granite.

Amews - Falconry related gifts and merchandise.

Arabian Falconry Equipment - - The Finest Affordable Falconry Equipment from the Arabian Region We carry falconry equipment like Arab Hoods, Leather Gloves, Bells, Swivels, Perches and Blocks (Wooden and Aluminum).

Canadian Falconry - One stop shopping site for falconers. Large falcons and Harris Hawks for sale-gloves, hoods , high tech lures etc.

DB Products Company - We manufacture and distribute Barnett's Timed Remote Raptor Feeders. These feeders are designed to aid in controlling the falconer/food association and behavioral modification of all types of trained and wild raptors.

EagleWing Falconry Books - Selling "The Falconer's Apprentice" and "Rabbit Hawker's Dogs."

Enrique Sola - Falconry hoods, gloves, and bags.

F10 Product Range - F10 disinfecting hygiene products and programs for Birds of Prey

Falconcrest Falconry and Hawking Equipment - The world leading Falconry & hawking equipment. We sell gloves, hoods, bags, etc.

Falconiformes UK - Quality range of Falconry Furniture available - hoods, gloves, bells, swivels, jesses, etc.

Falconry Casting Jackets - This clever jacket gives you a quick, easy and secure way to cast your bird of prey.

FALCONRY Collections - Falconry in art. Birds of prey, Antique falconry postcards, postage stamps and drawings. Falcons, hawks, owls, eagles. Anti-Bumble foot medicine patent. Falconry equipment.

Falconry-Equipment24 -  High Quality Equipment at unbeatable prices. Worldwide shipping. Also trad. Arab furniture and Taxidermy

Falconry Telemetry R-400 - Communications Specialists, make Wildlife Research receiver and transmitters. R-400 216.000 to 220.000MHz Telemetry Receiver, $300 with trade in, $500 without.

Falcon Products USA - My site is for the purpose of supplying the falconry community with some of the finest falconry equipment available on the market today.

Frank Conner Hoods - Dutch and Spanish (pointed) hoods available.

Foxfalconry -  Professional hood maker supplying, Dutch Hoods & Anglo Indian Hoods

Gloves and Gauntlets - Supplying gloves for all sporting and non-sporting activities.

Gone Hawking (formally L&W Block Perches) - Falconry perches, swivels, etc.

Handmade Quality Falconry Hoods - Quality Falconry Hoods.

Italian Falconry Equipment By Pirrotta - Italian Falconry equipment By Giancarlo Pirrotta. Hoods, gloves, falconry bells, lures and more!

Jamaicensis Falconry - High quality Hoods, Gloves and much more. Great range of traditional Arab Falconry Furniture.

Kirschbaum Falconry Articles - Producer of the best falconry gloves in Germany. Additionally, a wide variety of other falconry articles including bags, swivels, name tags, lures, etc.

Hawk Box, by Dan McCarron

Hawks 4 Fun -Falconry equipment and gifts - Accepts On-line payments.

Hawkhill Hoods - Custom made Falconry hoods by Bryant Tarr.

Jamaicensis Falconry Equipment - Traditional Arab falconry equipment including traditional Gauntlets, Jesses, Hoods, Block Perches, Bags and of course modern equipment used in today's falconry.
Reasonable prices.  P.O. Box 1022 Umm Al Quwain, UAE.

Jeross - pocket sized telemetry made in the UK

Larry Counce Falconry Bells

L.L. Electronics - Quality Radio Telemetry Since 1974. Designer and manufacturer of powerful and dependable transmitters, and highly sensitive and easy-to-use receivers.

L & W Block Perches

MAC Falcon - Leather and Falconry Equipment

Marshall Radio Telemetry - Designs and manufactures radio telemetry for falconry.

Martin Jones Falcons And Falconry Furniture - We sell the highest quality Falconry Equipment from hoods to telemetry systems.  We also breed falcons, Hybrids and Hawks with proven blood lines.

Merlin's Spirit Falconry Equipment - Falconry supplies from Italy

Merlin Systems - Telemetry gear

Mike's Falconry Supplies - Providing good quality falconry supplies at an affordable price.
This site claims the best handmade Swivel tee rotating perches around .

M-J Hoods - Supplying quality falconry hoods for falconry

North American Falconry - Hal Webster's web site. Falconry books and news from Hal Webster.

Northwest Gamebirds

Northwoods Falconry

OLD MEWS FALCONRY EQUIPMENT -   Kangaroo- gloves, anklets, braided jesses. 
Leather lures Nylon leashes & lure lines.
      e-mail - Earl E. Walton
      566 E. Hamilton Rd.
      Biggs CA 95917

Peels Bells - Fine falconry bells for sale (UK)

Pineo Falconry - Pineo Falconry Furniture featuring Avatar hawking vests, Pineo falconry hoods, leashes, swivels, bells, bath pans and gloves.

Quaker House Quail - Quality raptor quail home bred. Blast frozen chicks.

Raptor Ridge Falconry Art - Fine art for sale.

Rollins Hoods - "Hoods of Distinction" from the master hood maker Ron Rollins.

Snell's Falconry Equipment

Timberwolf Falconry - A range of English made falconry equipment. Site includes top quality falconry equipment at discount prices direct from the manufacturer.

TinyLoc - Manufacturers of digital telemetry and radio location equipment

Traditional Hungarian Falcon-hoods - :by Ede Zaborszky
     Order from me by e-mail and I will send You the hoods or gloves by post.
     Ede Zaborszky
     Hungary 1165 Budapest
     Baross Gabor u. 65.
     e-mail: .

The 2K Ranch - Pigeons for sale

Tracker - Radio Location Systems

Tuscany Hoods - Hand sewn dutch hoods and other falconry equipment.

UK Falcons - Manufacturers of falconry gloves and equipment, sold direct at the best prices! We manufacture a unique range of equipment for falconers worldwide, payments can be made on-line in sterling or euros, large range of gloves in stock.

Understanding Goshawks - A book by author Darryl A. Perkins dedicated to the ultimate bird of chase.  The Goshawk.  See Breeding Project link for progeny offered.

Vitahawk - Vitahawk is a vitamin supplement especially made for raptors. Falconers, zoo's, rehab centers, and universities worldwide use Vitahawk.

Western Sporting - New and In-Print Books, Videos, Equipment, Artwork & Collectibles Personal Quick Service!
-- Western Sporting's focus is providing quality falconry equipment & supplies, books & videos, artwork & collectibles for falconers, rehabilitators, zoos & dog & pigeon fanciers. We pride ourselves on friendly quick service and the fastest delivery time. We have all items in-stock at all times for immediate dispatch to our customers! Check our prices and experience our high level of service to see why we are top rated around the world.

Westweald Falconry - We carry a vast stock of top quality falconry equipment and hawk furniture, some made in our own workshop and some from specialized manufacturers worldwide. Our prices are rarely beaten - our quality second to none.

Wildlife Tracking Systems - Falcon tracking equipment. Kites, automatic lure release and associated accessories. - Quality handmade falconry equipment at competitive prices. A complete list of current Books and videos also available.

Yarak Online - High quality products at reasonable prices.

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