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Alaska Falcons - White and silver gyrfalcon breeding project for the purpose of falconry.

American Gyrs - Falcon breeder. Breeding Gyrs, Hybrids, & Peregrines.

A Mews

Ash Longwings - Importer and Exporter of very rear and high quality falcons.

B & B Falconry  - Harris Hawk Breeder

Bolton Anatum's

Black Sparrow Hawks - I breed a limited number of Black Sparrow Hawks each year in Johannesburg South Africa. Anyone interested in acquiring this raptor can email me at

Blue Falcon - Mark Robb - I breed & sell falcons for falconry. Gyrs, Peregrines, Sakers and hybrid falcons. Also I have done research on the wild populations on Gyrs and peregrines. You will find pages related to falconry, breeding, hacking, research, links and picture gallery.

Brookeys & Barbarys Breeding Center - Brookeys & Barbarys Breeding Center in Spain

Canadian Falconry

Crystal Mountain Falcon Farms

Dirthawker's Kennels and Mews

Eagle Owls

El Aleto - El Aleto is a very prestigious breeding facility located in Lima Peru. Aleto breed pure Aplomado falcons, Peruvian Harris Hawks, Peregrine falcons, and Neotropical birds of prey such as the Bicolor Hawk.
Please contact me directly for Prices and specifics.
We also manufacture falconry furniture, hoods, etc.

Exquisite Falcons from Austria

Falconiformes - Falcon breeder in the UK

Falcons Canada - Falcons Canada has been successfully breeding falcons for over 25 years.  We offer gyrfalcons and peregrines for sale and sell them all over the world

Falcons for Sale

Falcons Gallaecia - The center for the  breeding of hawks in Galicia, northwest of Spain, we raise Black Gyr, Cherrug "Asghard" and peregrine falcons in different subspecies.

Falcon-Kilian - Kurt Kilian - German falcon breeder of selected falcons. One of the first falcon breeders world-wide.

Falcon Mews

Falcon Ridge Farms

Falconry Birds

Falcons - Michal Hortai - Czech Rep. Breeding Falco peregrinus,F.rusticolus,F.cherrug and hybrids.

Falcons U.S.A.

FalkenHorst - -  Falcon breeder in Belgium. Peregrines, Shaheens, Barbaries and Gyr-hybrids

FLAESCH - Breeding Birds: Red-Naped Shaheen - Barbary - Anatum - Harris hawk & others.

Great Plains Peales - Peregrine falcons with distinction bred by: JD Solmonsen

Gulfstream Falcons - Gyr Falcon breeding Centre based in the UK.  Gyr falcon & hybrids with Peregrine and Saker.

Gyr-Tec - Breeder of Gyrs, Gyr/Sakers and Peregrine x Gyr/Sakers in Scotland

Hollister Longwings

Horus - Center of breeding of falcons in Spain.

Hunting Falcons International (IWC) - Award winning royal hunting falcons for Arab and other falconers worldwide. Gyrs, gyr x sakers, gyr x peregrines, peregrine x sakers and sakers of the finest quality bred each year.

Hunting Hawks - Breeding Quality Harris Hawks and Proven Peregrines

Jessen Falcons

Jungemann Merlin Hybrids

Karl Falcons - Over 20 years falconry and breeding of exquisite falcons.

Kenny Sterner - Black Hybrids

Kitzman Goshawks

Kohout Goshawks

Kuhlmann's Siberian Goshawks

Langley Mews Hunting Falcons - Breeder of quality falcons, specializing in gyrfalcons, peregrines and gyr/peregrine hybrids.

Lechner-Falcons - Austrian breeding facility

Lee Merrick - Gyrs

Maxcy Goshawks

Nad Al Shiba Avian Research Centre - The centre is dedicated to the production of high quality falcons and to research into the captive breeding of falcons in a controlled environment.

VilaFalco - First breeder of birds of prey in Portugal - Eagles, hawks and falcons

Neotropical raptors breeding centre "DEIROLEUCUS" - "Centro Deiroleucus", in Spain and Peru, breeds neotropical raptors: aplomado, bicolour spar, spizaetus hawk eagle, condor, cassini peregrines, etc. Cites registered, dna tested birds.

Northern Accipiter

O Jagdfalkenhof-Michael Geiger: Austrian Falcon Breeders

Peterson Peregrines & Prairies

Radium Falcon Farm - Cites Breeder of fine Peregrine and Gyrfalcons

Raptor Propagation & Research

Raymond-Falcons, Austria - Raymond-falcons produces peregrines (Scottish, Norway, Scottish x peals), strong sakers (alticus, hendersoni) red napped shaheens, gyr x sakers, gyr x peregrines, gyr x shaheens, lanner, lugger and bald eagles. They also hope to produce European and Finnish goshawks.

Robinson Goshawks

Russian Falconry - Russian falcon breeder producing Altai Sakers, Falco Chareg, and others.

Sage Country Falcons

Sky-Brids: Quality Falcons bred for Falconers by Falconers

Sky Chase

Sky King 

Stotton Falcons - Premier breeder of quality falcons and hawks. Specializing in Gyr Falcons, Scottish Peregrines, Barbarys, Pure Red Naped Shahins and hybrids.

Southowram Falcons - Falcon breeder, Falcons bred by Chris Southern 'Game hawks for the modern falconer.

Stanislav's Falconry Supplies - Falcon breeder from the Czech Republic.

Styrian-Falcons - Styrian-Falcons is an Austrian falcon-breeding-center and is specialized in peregrines and gyr-hybrids (gyr x peregrines and gyr x sakers).

Syring Harris Hawks

Sullivan Mews - Breeder of world class falcons.

Vienna Falconry - Falcon breeder. Breeding Gyrs, Hybrids, & Peregrines.

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