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~ Welcome to The Falconry Information Clearinghouse ~

The purpose of this site is to act as a useful starting point referencing most if not all of the World Wide Web URL resources pertaining to the "Art Of Falconry". Every attempt will be made to keep this site as current as possible.  If you discover an out-of-date link, find a new one, or would like to add a link please contact us and we will update as necessary. Thank-you to all who have contributed.

For your convenience falconry URL's have been categorized into 6 major groups based upon their over all theme and/or content. The current categories are:

  • Personal Falconry Homepages - These sites are put together by individuals, typically falconers from around the world. The content in these sites can be quite varied with many of the sites having general information about falconry as well as images of falconry birds.

  • Falconry Clubs / Organizations - These are the web pages of the some of the worldwide falconry clubs and organizations. Typically, the content found in these sites is general falconry information, club information as well as club/organization contact information. In addition we will be listing the sites of federal and state agencies with their falconry regulation documentation.
  • Falconry Equipment Vendors - These sites are specifically orientated toward falconry furniture (equipment).

Raptor Breeders - A listing of raptor breeders and propagation facilities found around the world.

  • Falconry Schools and Education - These sites are specifically orientated toward falconry schools and falconry/raptor education.
  • Falconry USENET Links - Here is a listing of e-mail archives, list servers, etc.

Please keep in mind that the falconry information provided in these sites is often times derived from personal opinions and/or beliefs and may not necessarily represent absolute true fact.

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